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Alongside making her own work Nada is dedicated to collaborating with other artists as a performer, artistic advisor and co-curator. Over the years these collaborations have become an integral part of her development as an artist and the projects she has worked on range from stage performances to films, installations and experiments in the natural landscape. 

A given landscape- from sunrise to sunset (2021)

a collectively curated event by Nada Gambier, Gosie

vervloessem, Ondine cloez, michiel reynaert and eszter nemethi

Revenge (2020/21)
by Phil Hayes
cancelled due to corona
Still Life with Game Birds, Cornelis Mahu 1642. Collection of the Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama; Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ireland.

© Hugo Glendinning

Third hand (2019) by Vlatka Horvat

under the influence 111 


by phil hayes

(acting as artistic advisor)

© Niklaus Spoerri

The Opening Monologue (film/ exhibition)

by Pedro Barateiro

staged version for the opening of

Netwerk Aalst, BE (2017)

These Are My Principles...
by Phil Hayes

© Niklaus Spoerri

© Hugo Glendinning

Places Of In­ter­est 


performance/ exhibition by Phil Hayes

From The Dark

by Forced Entertainment

reworked 8 hour version of

Who Can Sing a Song to Unfrighten Me?

commissioned by the 

Foreign Affairs festival in Berlin, Germany


Nada goes to school


by Maria Jerez

a project in collaboration with CP Parque Aluche
and CA2M in Madrid 



by Simone Aughterlony

and Jorge Léon 


© Jorge Léon

The Exhibition of a Film 


a curatorial project by Matthieu Copeland

participation on invitation by Tim Etchells

The Last Adventures


by Forced Entertainment

in collaboration with Lebanese sound artist

Tarek Atoui

© Hugo Glendinning 



by Diederik Peeters



© Diederik Peeters

Untried Untested


by Kate McIntosh 

comissioned by Campo in Gent, BE



© Phile Deprez

The Greater


by Sonia Si Ahmed and Maya Dalinsky

(acting as artistic advisor)

© Sonia Si Ahmed & Maya Dalinsky



by Edit Kaldor

© Aurore Dal Mas

performer: Anouk Llaurens

research project
by Julien Bruneau



by Charlotte Vanden Eynde

(acting as artistic advisor)

© Kurt Van der Elst

I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story


by Charlotte Vanden Eynde

(acting as artistic advisor)

© David De Beukelaer

Point Blank 


by Edit Kaldor

© Frank Theys

What's wrong? 


by Cristian Duarte, Peter Fol and Shani Granot

by Charlotte Vanden Eynde

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