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Time In Titles

Time In Titles springs out of Nada Gambier's and Mark Etchells' ongoing writing practice Merging Traffic, a practice that explores co-authorship and ways of writing together as one voice. 


Time In Titles is a series of texts - based on a collage of newspaper headlines - that plays with ambiguity. 

We are constantly bombarded by information in the media that we somehow are supposed to make sense of, that is increasingly subjective and tends toward the sensational and entertaining whilst also often being highly abstract and nonsensical. Journalism is (or ought to be) a public service but media has been a business for a long time and today the line between these two is increasingly thin.


What do headlines really tell us? How do we make sense of them? Is my interpretation the same as yours? Where are the facts? How do I separate fact from fiction or interpretation? Maybe one strategy could be to look for that which isn’t said, rather than that which is?


In Time In Titles original headlines are mixed with collages of information from newspapers from all over the world laying bare their incongruity and proneness to misunderstandings. The series also plays with the hierarchy between human related news and news pertaining to nature or natural elements and points to the poetic value of these headlines, bringing us into the imaginary and the narrative. Some of them are beautiful in their tragedy, others are more abstract.


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