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© Hannu Seppälä 2013

We are no longer here (2013)


By juxtaposing theatrical elements and atmospheres with a series of simple actions and manipulations of objects three performers play with recognizable images from daily life and bring, to the foreground, the absurd nature of existence. The performance relies on non-sense as a tool to reflect on our daily actions and our relationship to objects raising questions about how we relate to the things around us and how objects frame our behavior in a consumerist society, trying to capture possibilities on how to inhabit the world.
We are no longer here is absurd and serious, humorous as well as thought-provoking.

The work is made to fit a variety of spaces and contexts (such as wearhouses, appartments, theaters and second hand shops). 


Directed by: Nada Gambier
Made and performed with: Sara Manente, Marcos Simoes
Produced by: Action Scénique
Made with the support of: Koneen Säätiö/ Saari artists residencies, Mietoinen (FI), Takt Dommelhof, Neerpelt (BE), Buda Arts Center, Kortrijk (BE)

and the Flemish Ministry of Culture (structural subsidies 2013-14)


We are no longer here was first presented in its research phase under the title Untamed Thingliness 2 in the New Performance Turku festival in Finland in June 2013. 

In 2014 the work was adapted for The Flat Shows festival in Brussels (BE) where it was presented in a squat (previously an office building). 


Excerpts from a run-through for the the Flat Shows festival in June 2014, Brussels (BE)

For more information and a full recording of the work please send a mail to

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