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                                           Untamed Thingliness (2013)

Untamed Thingliness is a short performance that was first presented in the Kutomo gallery space in Turku (FIN) in 2013 as a presentation of Nada's research project that bears the same title. The performance was reworked in 2014 and yet again in 2016 into its current form. The performance is made to fit a variety of spaces (galleries, stages...) and plays on the untamed nature of meaning. Objects are reorganized in a fast manner into diverse arrangements, placing them in an uninterrupted series of new contexts, both linguistic and in terms of content. 


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Untamed Thingliness has been presented in:

Finland: New Performance Turku festival (2013)

Germany: Tanzfabrik Berlin (2014)

Austria: Pneu festival, Salzburg (2016)

Directed by: Nada Gambier

Made and performed with: Sara Manente and Marcos Simoes

Produced by: Action Scénique

With the support of: Koneen Säätio (FI),

Tanzfabrik Berlin (DE) in the context of apap network (advancing performing arts project 2013-2016), Buda Arts Center, Kortrijk (BE), Wp Zimmer, Antwerp (BE), Takt Dommelhof, Neerpelt (BE)

and the Flemish Ministry of Culture (structural subsidies 2013-14)

© SZENE Salzburg/Bernhard Müller

© SZENE Salzburg/Bernhard Müller

Untamed Thingliness uses playful interaction to show how language frames our perception of the things before us and in our mind. The performance challenges and transforms the concept of meaning, simultaneously confounding and reinforcing it. In an entertaining manner the 3 performers tinker with the philosophical and poetic potential that arises when fantasy, expectations and non-sense collide with what we understand, know, see and feel. 

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