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Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces is a series of writings and drawings created by Nada Gambier for A Given Landscape, a durational event she

co-curated with Eszter Némethi, Ondine Cloez, Gosie Vervloessem and Michiel Reynaert in 2021. Faced with the impossibility to work indoors due to the corona pandemic the artists began walking. As time went by their muted artistic voices began finding new ways of being heard and they began elaborating what was to become a public 25km walk, from sunrise to sunset. For this walk they each developed ideas and interventions that were eventually collected into a package delivered to their "audience" and unravelled during the event. 

Bits and pieces aims to share thoughts and questions that arose in the process. Thoughts about the way of the world, about nature, cities, architecture, animals and our relationship to time and space. Questions about the urban and the rural are juxtaposed with questions about inner landscapes and how we position ourselves in regards to everything else. 

flowers on the road series close up.JPG
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