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Kortrijk April 2016

©  Mark Etchells

Nada & Co. was founded in 2015 by Nada Gambier.

Today the company is the main producer of Nada's work.


Nada & Co. was born out of a wish to create a structure that actively develops contexts within which experimental projects can take place and where Nada’s work as well as the work of her colleagues can be developed. Its mission is to embrace artistic initiatives that acknowledge the changing reality around arts and society, initiatives that challenge conventional ideas of what should be shown where and how works should, supposedly, be seen. The company supports projects that attack creation and experimentation with an adventurous and daring curiosity and that take on various forms and volumes ranging from small scale one-time events, installations made for specific contexts, stage works and projects that are developed over longer periods of time with various public encounters on the way.


Nada & Co. also aims to bring attention to the collaborative aspects of Nada’s artistic practice. Through a sustained relationship with the artists involved in her work, but also through participation in projects of other creators, as a performer and artistic advisor, Nada continues to learn and evolve as an artist. 

Moreover, the company operates with attention for the diverse character of Nada Gambier’s artistic practice. Nada has always flirted with disciplinary borders, combining and experimenting with the codes of theatre, dance, visual arts and performance. Within Nada & Co. she continues exploring different media, genres and artistic languages, driven by a will to let the work dictate the format and the tools used, striving to find an inner logic proper to each initiative.

The first project to be created under the wings of Nada & Co. was The Voice of a City, an initiative by Nada Gambier in collaboration with Thomas Kasebacher (Vienna, Austria) and Mark Etchells (Barnstaple, UK). 

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