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©  Raymond Mallentjer 2008

Once upon a time in Petaouchnok (2008) is about ordinary people and lives. 8 individuals coming from different backgrounds and professions share their fears, desires and hopes, in short; their take on life, through the lense of small mundane details. The performance is situated on the boundary between documentary and fiction and could be seen as a silent revolution of people on the border of disappearance.


Concept and direction by: Nada Gambier
Performed by Yves Delattre, Renata Adler, Coralie Stalberg, Jef Stevens, Beatrice Didier, Myriam Vancraeynest, Michael Janart and Nada Gambier
Light design by: Etienne Guilloteau
Produced by: wp Zimmer for Filter vzw, Antwerp (BE)
Co-produced by: Pact Zollverein (DE) and Beursschouwburg Brussel (BE)
In collaboration with Buda Kunstencentrum Kortrijk (BE) and Bains::Connective, Brussels (BE)

With the support of the Flemish Ministry of Culture (project subsidies)


Once upon a time in Petaouchnok has been presented in
Belgium: Amperdans, Antwerp and Beursschouwburg, Brussels and VRAK Festival, Brussels
Germany: Pact Zollverein, Essen 
Switzerland: Festival Belluard Bollwerk, Fribourg


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