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© Nada Gambier 2018

        The Voice of a City 


+ pilot version in Zagreb in 2015

The Voice of a City is a multi-disciplinary project that focuses on subjective perceptions on everyday life around Europe, mixing fiction, fact, memory and interpretation and bringing together personal and collective (hi)stories.


In the process Nada Gambier (FIN/BE), Mark Etchells (UK) and Thomas Kasebacher (AT) travelled across Europe to a.o. Tbilisi, Athens, Turku, Lille, Kortrijk, Brussels, Bradiford and Zagreb. From the south to the north and from the east to the west they searched for stories, testimonies and observations on the current state of affairs. During their travels they met with a wide range of local inhabitants, together with them reflecting on such notions as belonging, change and wealth.


These encounters with cooks, policemen, farmers, lawyers, activists, teachers, taxi drivers and more and the immersion into specific local contexts for up to a month at a time, have given form to a book, a performance, a participatory performancean exhibition and an online photography book. The works are complementary yet independent and allow the audience to perceive different facets of the journey. Apart from these works writing workshops have been led and various alternative public formats have taken place. 

Today the process continues with punctual and local research into given contexts. The latest work of such character was a mission to Csepel (Budapest) in February 2019.  

Notes from travels:

Tbilisi, Georgia

Eurometropole region, France/Belgium

Southwest of Finland

Athens, Greece

Project initiated and directed by Nada Gambier

Made in collaboration with Mark Etchells, Thomas Kasebacher and all the people who generously have shared their time and stories in the process

Project produced by Nada & Co. (Brussels, BE)

Co-produced by Next International Festival / Kunstencentrum BUDA(FR/ BE), C-Takt, Neerpelt (BE)

Supported by (in Belgium): WpZimmer, Antwerp/ La Bellone, Brussels/ SAS Parenthèse, Brussels/ Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek Brussel (abroad): Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi (GE)/ Saari Artist’s residencies and Kone Foundation (FI)/ Mind the Fact festival, Athens (GR)/ Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)/ Le Vivat, Armentières (FR)/ Le Phénix, Valenciennes (FR)


The Voice of a City received a Writing Aid in 2018 by the IN SITU platform, in the frame of the ACT project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

The project also receives project subsidies 2017-19 from the Flemish Ministry of Culture

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