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Brussels, March 2021

A Given Landscape - from sunrise to sunset (2021)

Location: Brussels and its periphery

Date: 02/05/2021

Time: 05h36-21h43 ++

A Given Landscape is an event hosted and collectively curated by the artists Ondine Cloez, Eszter Némethi, Michiel Reynaert, Gosie Vervloessem and Nada Gambier and realized with the collaboration of guests Edurne Rubio, Maria Jerez, Sara Manente Anne Dekerk and Micha Goldberg. 

Unfolding as a landscape, along the course of a walk from sunrise to sunset, the day's journey invites collective, performative and informative experiences, and an unusual sense of time and togetherness in public space. It is a day, seen as a gift, on which the artists playfully present their entangled proposals, their ideas about being together in and with the world in these corona times. The landscape appears as a familiar place to wander through, yet also calls for a new engagement. Perhaps, just like poetry breaks off of language, all the while staying with it in spite of it, a walk is with the path across and out of a familiar landscape. Somewhere there's a threshold that you step over.

A Given Landscape is a 25km adventure that offers plenty of time for contemplation, getting lost and finding your way again. 

There is birdsong, secret messages, dangerous plants, a scripted conversation, a scary rugby player, mother's milk and star gazing on the menu. 

During A Given Landscape we invite you to invest your presence in all of the day's hours! 

With the participation of Nils Bouillard and Rodrigo Gil-Merino. 

A Given Landscape is produced by Nada & Co. and funded by the activity premium of the Flemish Authorities

Special thanks to the Kaaitheater in Brussels for their support in our research practice

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